Game Ops Services

game operations services by specialist team for best player experiences

world class Game Ops Teams to keep your game at play

Best hands in India with extensive work experience with leading game studios across the world are here to ensure that your multi-million dollar asset gets the attention it deserves.

Consoles, Handhelds, Mobiles or MMOs – you name it, we’ve done it. Reach out to know more about us and we’d be happy to take you through our story.

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Game Dev Ops Services

coding, building, testing, packaging, releasing, monitoring – perfect close circuit mantra for continued successful releases

Game Development Services

Come meet our team who takes pride in well written, well documented codes that are easily identifiable and extensible.

The team follows industry leading cutting edge processes to ensure timely delivery.


Game Quality Assurance Services

The QA Team operates under clear, well defined industry standard operating procedures and are trained to documented bugs clearly that are easy to understand by the Developer. The team uses leading bug databases to document and track bugs across the testing cycles.

Proper reports End of Day and End of Round to all stake holders and tight turn around to the Game Dev ensures faster and smooth game releases.

Testing Service comprises of:

  • Certification Testing
  • Sanity & Funcitonality Testing
  • Performance & Load Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Beta & User Experience Testing
  • Cloud & Crowd Sourced Testing
  • Automation Testing (where needed)

We also deploy hit-squads to be onsite alongside the Dev Team to have quicker turnarounds during releases on request.

Game Production

Our team of well experienced Producers listens to its customers, looks at the data points, understands the locale & culture and more to craft out better Player Engagements experiences thus boosting the concurrent users leading to the possibility of better revenues

The team has worked on many multi-million dollar Free-to-Play games and has proved track record



Community Management

Our team of Community Managers are plugged deep into every possible official and unofficial platforms where your Players engage and discuss the game  and its gameplay experiences



Customer Support

The Customer Support Team engages both in Real Time In-Game (Game Masters) and on Web Ticketing Systems to ensure that the concerns and grievances of the Players are addressed in the shortest possible timeframe

Those annoying cheaters who spoil the game for everyone else are verified and kept off the game for better game play experiences for rest of the gaming community by our Game Masters whilst executing Player Engagement Events to keep the gameplay engaging



Game Server Monitoring

The champs who ensure that the game servers are kept online 24/7 across the whole year with shortest possible down time. The team adheres to predefined SLAs and Escalation Procedures to address any and all issues that may hinder gameplay and works in tandem with the Producers, Community Management Team to keep our Players  informed

Game Live Ops

production, community management, game server monitoring, customer support – your team to engage players better