Image manipulation is a process of modifying or manipulation or an image that will enhance the features if the image. The final out put will be much more eye catching image that the original. Our expert editors use a variety of software's and techniques to improve the image.

ADV Solutions offers these services to several real estate and cataloging companies from around the world.

We edit images by the thousands every week. Some of the work we have done for a jewellery company is showcased here.

ADV Solutions could be your ideal partner. Here are the reasons.

  • Capability to work with different formats: We have the capability to work with different file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, RAW and PGF among other formats. We have the skills to convert photos from one format into another format.
  • Expertise in latest image manipulation software: We have expertise in using software like Photoshop CS, Creative suite 2 premium with plug-ins like Eye candy, Chromatica and KPT.
  • Expertise in photo alteration techniques: Our expert digital image manipulation professionals are well versed in lighting, printing, retouching, color therapy and perspective changes apart from photo alteration and photo retouching.
  • Quality assurance processes: ADV Solutions employs stringent quality assurance processes to ensure that we provide our customers with accurate photo enhancement services.

Benefits of outsourcing image enhancement Services to ADV Solutions.

  • Save on cost, time and resources.
  • Fast turnaround time that includes getting your work done overnight due to the difference in time zones between India and western countries.
  • Access to a dedicated team who would work only on your project.
  • Access to latest photo enhancement software.

Choose ADV Solutions for all you image manipulation services. We can help you save on costs and time. Contact us for a free no obligation sample work and you will see why we are a great choice!