Meet the team at ADV Solutions.

Vivek Jayaraj – Founder

Vivek Jayaraj is a well seasoned entrepreneur who has had success in setting up a series of companies. His experience comes from a broad spectrum of companies he has founded since 2000. He founded ADV solutions in 2016 with a goal to provide innovative post production solutions for the wedding industry.

Ravi Gopinath – Studio manager

Gopinath is a veteran in the post production industry. He brings with him a wealth of experience in post production. He is an extremely innovative and is the chief anchor at ADV. He loves to explore and deploy new processes and is a stern task master.

Rakesh Roshan – Senior editor

Rakesh is an extremely creative story teller. He has honed his skills over several years and has been a part of the ADV family since its inception. He had been a core team member and a highly skilled team lead. He has a great sense of humor and an infectious smile.

Ruthu D Murthy – Senior editor

Ruthu is a stickler for perfection. Nothing escapes her stringent quality standards. It is always perfect or noting at all. Her high standards is what everyone strives for. She is a very creative editor and loves everything innovative. She has been a part of the core team for the last 3 years and has trained many editors to achieve goals.

Madu Keta – Senior editor

Madu is the cool, calm editor. Nothing seems to get him worried and there are no short cuts. Everything will be done in time and to perfection. “Nothing can hurry if it needs to be good is his mantra” He brings a wealth of experience and an extremely talented story teller.

Swarup Bhattacharjee – Senior editor

Swarup loves a very collaborative process. He strongly believes everyone can be a great story teller. He comes up with great ideas on training the junior editors and is always happy to mentor anyone who wants to learn. He is also a technical trouble shooter and apart from editing he keeps all our equipment is great condition.

Deepak Kumar – Senior editor

Deepak is the newest member of the core team. He is an extremely talented story teller and a good time manager. He is never late on his deliveries to clients and always happy to go the extra mile to ensure everything is in its place.

Subash Babu – Image magician

Subash is the lead for the image edit team. very creative and very quiet. sometimes it feels is is not even there. He loves training and collaborating with the image post team. He is a great mentor and a perfectionist.