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crafted storyline for that perfect cinematic output

crafted storyline for that perfect cinematic output

We are a large team of very experienced editors and a well-established post studio offering highly customized services to wedding videographers and photographers. We blend seamlessly to your style and flow. We make it easy for you to collaborate with our super friendly team taking away the stress of post work and freeing up your time that can be invested in acquiring more business.

At ADV Solutions, you can create long term partnership that is reliable,  efficient and creative and very affordable.

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A Post-Production team that understands the need for Quality, Reliable & client satisfaction for Videographers and Photographers

Have a tight deadline with that multi-cam footage or  loads of photographs that need to be culled and edited? Maybe editing is just not your thing! We have your back.

Send them over for that perfect Highlight Video, Feature or documentary edit or great Photo Edits. Our editors will adapt to your style and flow allowing you to maintain full creative control over the edit. We usually assign the same editor for all your edits to ensure there is consistency in all the edits. Your team is easily scalable too! Should you have a very busy month, we will add more editors to ensure all your brides get their wedding videos and photos in good time.

we learn and adapt to your style of story narration

Video Post Production

What most people call editing, we call storytelling. Our editors have the experience to tell amazing love stories.

With a team of over 50 editors who have years of experience crafting creative wedding videos, we have evolved into a premiere post-production studio offering highly creative and story based wedding videos.

We have collaborations with studios from around the world and our story tellers are very well versed with different cultures from around the world.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the wedding industry and this knowledge and experience enables us to provide videographers various solutions for their post production needs. We have fast turn around time enabling videographers to be more efficient and ensuring happy brides!

Image Post Production

ADV Solutions offers fast, personalized and consistent editing for wedding photographers. Our image edit team has been trained by well established wedding photographers to serve wedding photographers.

Our services can be highly customized to suit each client’s unique style.

If you have lots of photos for each wedding, we can cull, color correct, crop and do photo touch ups to create print quality wedding images.

At ADV Solutions, we have a large experienced and professional group of image editors who will ensure that you have the image edited to your personal preference, style and with a quick turnaround.

Get in touch with us and we can offer various customized solutions for your specific need.

Much more than freelancing.

Working with an established and reliable edit partner has many benefits.  We have set processes to ensure there is minimal communication needed between us. Our editors adapt to your style and mimic it very effectively. There is redundancy built in when you work with us and you can be assured that if one editor is out of action, your edits are not affected. We employ the latest technology money can buy and deploy stringent confidentiality measures to protect your data.

Inside ADV

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